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Evening to y'all Dokkie here. I want to talk to yo today about 4-wheelers. Now I know that many of you don't have a 4-wheeler,but I still want to talk about them. 4-wheelers are one of the best invition ever made for the hunter. There are many forms of them some have a rack and some have a bed. Now I for one recommend the one with the bed on the back. That is the one that I use and I just love it. For one it is a two seater and it drives like a car. You don't have to sit on it like a horse. Pluse when you kill your deer you can put it in the bed and drive back to the skinning rack. When the day comes make sure whatever 4-wheeler you have that it is gassed up. One hunting seaseon me and Red was out in the woods and he shot this deer that we had to track. Things was going good, we was on the trail and that's when it happened we ran out of gas and had to drag that deer all the way back to the house. Now that was something we each took turns dragging the deer. So make sure that you gass up your ride. This is the hunting report and i'm dokie saying good luck and good hunt. Now excuse me while I step in to my house for a little more scouting.

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Hello there Dokkie here with this weeks report. Today I want to talk to you a clear path for your hunting sites.It want take much just a littel bit of time and work. You see you take your chainsaw or ax and clear you a trail. It dose not havet to be a wide on jus wied enough for you to see to get a clear shot. You open up a trail and you be suprise the amount of deer you see. If you have a food plot make sure you have a clear space for your shot. Remeber an open space makes a difference. This is Dokkie saying Be safe on your hunts and watch out for other hunters. Now y'all excuse me while I step in my house here for a little more scouting,see y'all next time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Evening y'all Red D here with a real sweet tale to tell you. Today was a special day. Today we had a birthday party for Nathan my friend Sony's oldest boy,and boy was it a party. Picture this there were twenty screaming kids armed with water guns. And you know that when you have that many kids and that many guns somebody is going to get wet. But you know that Ole Red ain't going down with out a fight. So I armed all the adults with our own guns. You see the kids had the big guns and we had the hand guns. So when the kids came running up to us we unloaded on them and had us a little water gun war. After the war we all sat down and wactched the birthday boy open hus presents and had some cake and ice cream. Then we watched the kids try to bust the pinata, now that was a sight. You had twenty kids one at a time wacking at a paper horse for three hours till it finally busted open with a mighty wack all you saw was kids crawling on the ground like ants at a picnic. With the party over and the yard all cleanded up everybody went there seperate homes. Birthays are good and all but I like them so much more when they are at some one elses house. This is Red saying y'all be safe out in the net and i'll see you next time.

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Seven years ago the world was hit on our blindside. Heros sacrificed ther lives to prevent further dsamage. The rest of us watched on our telivision. Today I offer a prayer to the families of the fallen:
Dear God I ask you to continue to bless the families. Continue to comfort them . Be with the nation and the ones that have moved on. May they never forget what happened. Be wit the troops that are fighting for are freedoms. Be with there families and let them never forget why they are over there. All this I ask in Jesus name.Amen

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Hello to all my friends out there. Today I want to talk to you about food plots. Food Plots will help you get that much needed advantage. Now I can't tell you that food plots will get you that big buck,but it don't help. Now there are a number of plots you can plant. Some people plant big food plots and some small ones. It is not the size of the plot but whats results you get from the food plot. It is important that you read the bag carefully to see when to plant it. It is also important that you plant the plot at the right time. Always make sure that you keep a check on your plot and not let the deer in before it grows to the right height. With a proper food plot you will probably have the advantage. This has been Dokkies hunting report on food plots. Get ready for a good safe season and remember to keep all guns on safety when not in use. Hunting guns are not toys. Yall excuse me I am going to step in to my shooting house here and do some scouting. Good luck and good night.

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Hello My Name is Dr. William and this is my brother Dr. Philip from time to time we will be holding Theropy sessions to help with whatever. So if you like what you here let us know. We look foward to speaking to you.

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This picture was drawn by my nephew Wyatt.

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Hey there Red D here, sipping on a ice cold moutain dew. The other day I stopped at the COME AND EAT cafe where I ran into John Dander, an old friend from highschool. We sat there talking about our younger days and what we were doing with ourselves. He told me that he was working in used cars buying and selling them. I told him that I was working my on business in lawn care. As we got to talikng about our childhood days, he brought up the time we had our bottle rocket war. You see when we was coming up we never told our parents we were bored. We always had some way to have. The bottle rocket war was avery interesting day. We made our guns for the rockets out of some pipe my dad had in the shed behind our home. When we started the war we had five packs of rockets between the both us. When we had our guns and rockets we set out to opick our spots to fight from. Once we picked our spots we were ready to begin the war. Things was going great, we each got off a few good shots at each others then things got bad. I had loaded a rocket in to my gun, I was looking good then it happened. When that rocket fired out of the gun it popped off by my friends head. All of a sudden I heard this sizzling sound around my packs of rockets. By the time I loocked all of my rockets was popping of by my head. You ought to have seen me rolling around on the ground like a dog fighting the fleas on his back. When all of the rockets were gone I raised my head up and saw my buddy John laughing his head off. After we finished our breakfast we shook hands and told each other good bye. This is Red D saying if you and your friends have a bottle rocket war keep your extra packs away from the gun you are shooting them out of. Yall be safe out in the web, and I will see yall next time.

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Hey yall names Dokkie. Yall may have heard my good friend Red D talk about me. Me and that boy has been knowing each other for sometime now, about two months now. So from now and to through the end of the season I will be reporting on hunting and tell you about the day of hunting from the neghibors. So tune in and drop me a line if you like what you see and hear. Load up your rifels and draw back your bow hit the woods and bag you a deer or whatever you hunt. Good luck and I will see you soon.

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