Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi everybody it's your old pale Red D here with a fresh Dew and today's tale. This past week we got us a little snow on the ground. My old buddy Dokkie and me was looking forward to playing in it after we got off of work. Some of you may know my buddy Dokkie from his hunting reports this past season. So there we was watching the snow melt right before our eyes, But we did not let that get us down. After we got home from work we put on some old clothes and went muddin. We crunk up the four wheelers, and rode awhile. Then after we got through with that we had us a little mud ball fight. You see after the snow melts you get what I like to call golden mud. Golden mud is the slimiest mud there is. So there we were on either side of the yard making our balls. Once we sounded the charge we then fired the fist mud. For the next twenty minuets we fought and fought till we was both covered from head to toe. So you see just because the snow was gone we still had fun. After the fight we built us a mud man. This is your pale Red saying remember to be save out here in the web. See ya soon.


  1. Sir, mud balls are gross. It's time you guys bought an x-box, badminton rackets or learned how to play touch football instead.

  2. The ground is pretty well frozen here, so throwing around chunks of earth might leave some real marks! :)